Consortium «Evidence-based digitalization for student success»
The main goal of the Consortium is to provide analytical support for digitalization for students' success and make informed and effective management decisions based on research data. We are committed to pursue evidence-based educational innovation and share best practices. We invite universities to become part of the Consortium and get advice for conducting research at their university for free.
Consortium meeting at Kazan Federal University
A brief history of the Consortium

Our Сonsortium was launched at Island 10-22 Intensive Educational Program in July 2019 upon the initiative of University 20.35 with the methodological support of the Institute of Education of National Research University Higher School of Economics. In 2020, the Ural Federal University joined the Consortium as one of the co-founders.
Launch of the Consortium initiative on the Island 10-22 Intensive Educational Program
Main events of the Consortium

What do Consortium members get?
Unified methodology
Participation in research projects on the most vibrant research areas in the field of digital transformation of education using a unified methodology that will allow working with common data and compare data from different universities.
Expert community

Obtaining methodological and expert support for launching projects, participation in relevant events.
Research team development
The ability to form a strong research team within your university in order to conduct institutional research, the results of which will become the basis for management decisions at the university.
Research project "Monitoring of
student experience"
Research project "Student experience of distance learning in various disciplines"
Research project "Student engagement during the period of distance learning"
The study is devoted to assessing the experience of students in Russia during the transition to a distance format. It was conducted using an online survey launched in April-May 2020 at eight Russian universities. Over 6 thousand students took part in the study.

The study is devoted to the assessment of student learning experience in various disciplines during the period of distance learning. The key difference from the first project is obtaining information in the context of each discipline. The field stage was held in June-July 2020 at 5 universities. More than 3 thousand students and more than 900 teachers took part in the survey.
The study is devoted to identifying the level of student involvement during the period of distance learning and the effectiveness of such training. 7 universities participate

Completed research projects
Our team
Vasily Tretyakov
Co-chairman of the consortium, Advisor to the General Director of University 2035
Isak Frumin
Co-chairman of the consortium, Academic Director of the Institute of Education, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Tatiana Semenova
Consortium Leader, Research Fellow, Institute of Education, National Research University Higher School of Economics
Viola Larionova
Consortium Partner, Deputy Vice-Rector for Educational Technologies, Ural Federal University
"Participants join the Consortium free of charge, but they are responsible for launching research at their university. Higher education institutions interested in conducting research, sharing data, developing research teams at their universities can join the Consortium."
Tatiana Semenova
Consortium Leader
Joining Contsortium
If you would like to become a member of the consortium or ask any questions, please fill out the form, and we will answer you very soon!
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