Algorithms and data
EdTechData is a repository of software products for collecting, storing and analyzing educational data.
The software developers are active members of the learning analytics community.
Researchers who have joined the edTechData community can browse and download publicly available anonymous datasets on which they can develop and test their own algorithms.
Developed algorithms can be shared with the community by posting them on edTechData. To do this, just turn to the portal team.
This is a web portal for educational analytics researchers focused on the tasks of Russian educational institutions in the field of online education.

For universities, the analysis of the educational activities of students is one of the tools for improving the quality of education, maintaining the student body, and increasing competitiveness.

Researchers can find publicly available anonymized learning analytics datasets on the portal and share their data and research findings with the community.

EdTechData is a repository of software products developed by active members of the learning analytics research community. It can be used to collect, store and analyze training data.

EdTechData is a place to combine educational data and analytics to offer educators, researchers, the nation's largest online learning analytics infrastructure with methods, data and access to related resources through a portal.

Learning Analytics Research Community
To join the learning analytics research community and enjoy all the privileges - downloading data, posting your data, algorithms and publications - you need to register on the site.

To communicate on the topics of educational analytics, a communication platform has been created where each registered participant can ask a question, answer questions from other community members, share interesting information and contact the portal support team.

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